Two days after being admitted to the hospital, little Miss Emily decided to make a surprise appearance!

On Friday evening (May 9th), the fetal monitor showed contractions, spaced 10 minutes apart (I couldn’t feel them). The next 1.5-2 hours were spent monitoring, talking to nurses, the resident doctor, the fellow doctor, and the attending doctor to decide on a plan. With Vasa Previa, going into labor (contractions or water breaking) could cause a placental abruption, and mom and baby would bleed out very quickly. At about 11:30pm, the doctor came in and asked us if we’d like to meet our daughter. From there, things went very quickly; medications were administered, I was prepped for surgery, Bryan was dressed in a bunny suit to be in the OR, Grandmas-to-be were called (and subsequent flights were booked), I was given a spinal, and Emily was born…all in just barely over an hour! Emily was born at 12:39am on Saturday, May 10th.

We feel very lucky that our doctors made the plan they did, and that I was admitted to such a good hospital early on. It is terrifying to think of what might have happened had I been at home that Friday night, not feeling contractions, until it was too late. We will be forever grateful to our sonographer, Tina, who decided to do a different type of ultrasound than what was ordered, just to be sure she had the best look possible. Without her instinct, we would never have known about the Vasa Previa, and things could have been really unfortunate for our family.

Emily is in the NICU, but I’ll be updating as we go…

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Weeks 31-34

Update from the last few weeks:

After getting the news that I would be admitted to the hospital at 34 weeks, baby preparation had to be sped up! We worked hard to finish the nursery, a good friend who was hosting a baby shower for us moved up the date, Bryan worked on putting everything together, getting the carseat installed, etc. so we would be ready when our little girl came home. I also put together a bunch of stuff to work on in the hospital, as there would be 2-3 weeks of sitting around waiting for baby to arrive!

On May 7th, I reached 34 weeks. Bryan took the day off, we took some maternity style photos at home (we didn’t end up with enough time to have professional ones taken), went for a nice lunch out, then headed down to Denver. We got all set up in the room, blood was taken, IV was put in (was not expecting that! 2-3 weeks with an IV in sucks!), and the waiting game started 🙂


31 weeks

Week 31

32 weeks

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33 weeks

photo 5-1

34 weeks

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And all checked in to the hospital, being monitored 🙂

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Weeks 26-30

Newsworthy things over the last few weeks:

-We had our follow up ultrasound to check on the placenta issues. Turns out we have what is called “vasa previa.” There’s a vein that runs between the placenta and the lobe, and crosses in front of the cervix, making a vaginal delivery impossible. This was confirmed by a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor, who further explained the risks (if I go into labor, there would be a tremendous risk to both the baby and myself, so I will be delivering via C-section no later than 37 weeks, and will be admitted to the hospital by 34 weeks to be monitored daily, to be sure I’m not showing any signs of pre-term labor). This was disappointing, as we were planning on a more natural delivery, but in the end, all that matters is getting our little girl here safe and sound, and we’ll do whatever is needed to ensure this happens. We also had to change the hospital we’ll be delivering at to University of Colorado Hospital down in Denver, as we would need a different type of medical team available in case of emergency. A bit of a bummer, as it’s farther away from home and friends, and I’ll have weeks spent in the hospital, but, again, whatever it takes to get our little girl here safe and sound is what we’ll do!

26 weeks (and sick as a dog!)


27 weeks


28 weeks


29 weeks


30 weeks

Week 30


Weeks 21-25

Weeks 21-25 updates:

-Reggae music (especially Bob Marley) gets our baby girl moving and grooving!

-Second trimester is done!

-Finally started gaining weight! I lost 10 pounds during the first trimester (morning sickness really should be called all-day sickness!), but am finally starting to put on some pregnancy pounds 😉

-I flew to California for a baby shower hosted by amazing family. It was great to see family and friends, and receive so many well wishes for our little one from those who mean so much in our lives!

21 weeks


22 weeks


23 weeks


24 weeks


25 weeks



Weeks 16-20

Exciting things over the last few weeks:

-Nausea is starting to go away! Yay!

-Movements are getting stronger by the day 🙂

-Right around week 17, your movements became a lot stronger…more punches and kicks!

-Found out I am anemic and have a heart arrhythmia. Fun! Need to up my water…blaming it on the altitude here!

-Anatomy scan happened on January 31st. Confirmed that baby is a girl!! They also found an accessory lobe to my placenta, which can happen as a result of a twin pregnancy that changes to a single pregnancy. Essentially, my placenta has an extra piece that is attached by veins. My placenta is also low-lying, and will be checked again in 8 weeks to see if it’s moved.

16 weeks


17 weeks


18 weeks


19 weeks


20 weeks



Weeks 11-15

Notable things over the last few weeks:

-First trimester screening went very well…munchkin baby passed everything with flying colors!

-I felt our little one start moving around 13 weeks (little flutters), and by week 14, I really felt her moving around!

-At 15 weeks, we announced our pregnancy to family, friends, and the facebook world 🙂

-We did an elective ultrasound on December 23rd, and found out that you are a…GIRL!!!

11 weeks


12 weeks


13 weeks


14 weeks


15 weeks



9 weeks pregnant

2013-11-13 21.19.40

Grow, grow, grow! Things are going good now, morning sickness is in full swing (all day!!), and I’m starting to get tired. Alot. But so happy you’re here, and growing like you should. And you’re the size of a grape!


We lost Baby B on November 7th, 2013. It was a crushing, devastating day. Something just wasn’t right that morning- I woke up with a bit of cramping, zero nausea, and no breast tenderness (which had all been constant up to this point). It was drastically different than all other days of pregnancy so far. I called the OB and asked to be seen. When they got me in shortly after, she did an ultrasound, and found one strong heartbeat. She didn’t immediately find a second heartbeat (but was using the portable ultrasound, which is not as good for early on ultrasounds), so said we would go check with the sonographer and the better ultrasound machine. By this point, I was already crying. I knew something was wrong. We went in to the ultrasound room, and she started looking. We saw both babies, but Baby B’s heart was no longer beating. He or she was measuring 8 weeks, 1 day, which is exactly where I was in the pregnancy, meaning our little angel had just passed. I honestly think my body knew that morning, and that’s why I had no symptoms. Nothing could have been done at that point to save the baby, but knowing to trust my instincts is something I have definitely taken away from the experience.

When the sonographer said there was no heartbeat from Baby B, the tears and sobbing just wouldn’t stop. I had called my husband at work and told him I was going in; he did a great job of trying to calm me down and reassure me that all would be fine. During the time I was in the appointment, he called constantly. He later told me he started getting really nervous when I didn’t call him back, and when he realized I had been at the appointment for over an hour. I waited to call him from the car in the parking lot…I was sobbing the whole time walking to the car, and didn’t want to tell him while I was in front of a bunch of random people around the hospital. So I called him from the car in the parking lot, still sobbing uncontrollably. That was the hardest phone call, the most emotionally devastating time of my life. He left work and met me at home. We cried and held each other for a long time, mourning our little angel baby, who we had worked so hard to bring to life.

While we had experienced 2 miscarriages over the past three years, we had never seen either of those babies on an ultrasound, never seen and heard their heart beat. There was something about this loss that just hurt so much more, and in such a deeper, more devastating way. I know some people think a miscarriage isn’t losing a child; it absolutely is, and unless you’ve experienced it, you really have no right to say it’s not a big deal. Every child conceived deserves a chance to live, especially when they are so incredibly loved, and it is truly devastating any time a child is lost.

After taking some time to process our emotions and what happened, we decided to focus all of our energy on Baby A, who was still healthy, and believe that his or her brother or sister would be watching over his/her health and wellness from above, and would keep her/him safe for the remainder of the pregnancy (and beyond). This gives us some comfort, although we will never forget our little one who was taken too soon.


We went for our first ultrasound on October 28th, 2013, at 6.5 weeks pregnant. We were beyond thrilled to find out that both of our embryos had implanted, and we were expecting twins!!! Seeing both babies hearts beating was the most amazing thing ever, and is something I will never forget. Baby A had a heart rate of 120 and baby B had a heart rate of 94 beats per minute. Baby B’s heart rate was a little bit slower than what they wanted, but not by much (ideal is 100 and above), so they scheduled us to come back at 8 weeks, to check heart rates again. We are feeling so incredibly blessed to be expecting two little ones this summer!