Going public…

The plan for a while now has been to go public with our infertility struggle on our transfersary (a year from the date we did our third transfer, resulting in our beautiful baby girl). And we just did! Yikes! It’s a scary thing to be so open with so many people about something that has been such an emotional process for us, but ultimately, we wanted to be able to get the word out about infertility, and hopefully, help someone going through the same thing.  So… This is what I just posted on Facebook! Again…yikes!


One year ago today, I became pregnant with our miracle baby, Emily. We know this because she is the result of our third IVF procedure. For most couples, getting pregnant with a take home baby takes about three months. For us, it took three years, two months, and twenty-one days. It took about a hundred doctors appointments, hundreds of injections and blood draws, hundreds of pills, multiple surgeries, and tens of thousands of dollars. Along the way, we had countless heartbreaks. Far too many negative pregnancy tests, but the positive ones were harder to see, as they always ended in loss. We lost 6 babies to failed IVF’s and miscarriages, including Emily’s twin. These losses will always be with us.

Infertility is something that is not spoken of often, but should be. It is not a condition limited to those who pursue children later in life or who have a major medical condition; I was 26 when labeled “infertile.” Healthy, doing everything right, but just not able to get and stay pregnant. The emotional toll an infertility diagnosis takes is incredibly devastating, and is made more challenging because of how isolating it generally is. And to add insult to injury, infertility is not recognized by most states as a condition to mandate insurance coverage for (only 15 states require insurance to cover it), leaving those struggling with infertility to pay for any treatment entirely out of pocket. By “coming out of the closet” so to speak, we hope to be able to help friends talk more openly about their own infertility stories/issues, to encourage our friends and families to sign petitions for state representatives to mandate insurance coverage for infertility treatment, and most of all, to make others aware of how common it is to be dealing with infertility, so it does not remain so taboo to talk about it.

Today is our transfersary, the day we transferred two beautiful frozen embryos to me, Emily and her twin, and is the day we chose to share our story with you all 🙂

To learn more/get involved with infertility research, legislation, etc.- http://www.resolve.org


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