NICU Day 21: May 30th, 2014

Another busy day today! Emily was evaluated by physical therapy this morning, and all looks good. We were shown some massages to do to help her belly keep things moving along 🙂

Emily continues to do well eating, and is on a full ad lib/on demand eating schedule (so she can eat whenever she wants, and as much as she wants). As long as she continues to gain weight, and nothing drastic changes over the next two days, she will hopefully be able to come home on Sunday or Monday! We are so excited to finally be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

Emily also had her hearing screen today, but unfortunately, didn’t pass. They will come back tomorrow to re screen her. If she doesn’t pass, we will have to follow up with an audiologist in a few weeks. Hopefully she’ll pass though! We also tried to do her car seat challenge, which she did not pass. She made it about an hour of the required 90 minutes, then her oxygen levels started to drop, and she had to be taken out of her seat. Like the hearing screen, we’ll try again tomorrow and see how she does. Fingers crossed for 2 passes tomorrow!!!

Also, we get to stay in the “rooming in room” with her tonight (a private room, with a bed for us, and all the hookups for Emily’s monitors and medical equipment). We’re very excited to be able to spend what is the closest to a normal night with our daughter since she was born, where we provide all her care throughout the night, rather than a nurse coming in and out constantly. We’ll see how it goes, but again, we’re really excited!

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