NICU Day 20: May 29th, 2014

Busy day today! When we got in to the NICU in the morning, Emily’s nurse talked to us about moving her to an ad lib feeding schedule (basically, letting her eat when she wants to), which is really exciting as it’s more of what a typical term baby would do. We talked to the doctors during rounds about it, and they approved! She did great feeding all day, some feeds by bottle and some nursing, and we’re excited to see how she continues to do.

Our nurse also had me bring Emily’s car seat upstairs for her car seat challenge, and make an appointment with Em’s pediatrician for Tuesday, in anticipation of discharge some point before then. Things may still change, nothing is ever certain in the NICU, but it looks like we’re getting really close to having our daughter home with us!!

The doctors seem to be happy with how Emily is doing overall, and she’s gotten back on track nicely after the drama of this past weekend. We still don’t know exactly what caused her belly to get so big, but think she may have eaten too much 🙂

I also went and got Emily’s birth certificate today…makes her being here much more real and “official.” We needed to get that done to get her added to our insurance- and thank goodness for insurance, as NICU stays are not cheap by any means!!

I’ll keep updating as things progress, but hopefully we’ll be taking our little girl home here shortly!



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