NICU Day 17: May 26th, 2014

Today was a much better day for Emily 🙂

Her belly continued to soften and get smaller throughout the day, and at 6pm, we were allowed to start feeding her again (yay!!). We started with a really small amount- 12mls. of the 47mls. she was getting before, but it’s something. And for her, it was like heavens gates opened– she was SO happy to be able to eat!! Which, in turn, makes Bryan and I really happy. Emily was so frustrated and upset the last couple days, so it was great to see her happy and content again.

The plan now is to see how she does with food, increasing the amount every 12 hours or so, and watch her belly closely to make sure she doesn’t get distended again. We are also still waiting on the results of her blood and urine cultures, so we can completely rule out infection. We should have the results in the morning…really hoping it’s not an infection, and that she just got a little constipated 😉

Emily also got to meet some of her cousins today- Bob, Sue, Monica, Kyle, and Jonathan. I’ll have to add some of those photos later though. She was a bit cranky when they were here, as she hadn’t started eating at that point, but still nice for her to meet some more family. She also got some time with Grandma Janet, who leaves to go back home on Tuesday morning.

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