NICU Day 15: May 24th, 2014

Not such a great day for little miss Emily today 😦

Emily gave us a bit of a scare when we got in this morning. The nurse on her case let us know that the night nurse was concerned about the size of Emily’s belly, and the doctor ordered an X-ray to check for NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis). Luckily, it looks like she’s in the clear for this, but she will continue to be monitored closely.

As the day went on, her belly continued to grow, and got harder. A few more X-rays were done, and showed a large build up of air throughout her intestines. We had to stop feeding her (so it wouldn’t add anything to her belly issues), do a heel stick for blood for labs, give her an IV for fluids (sweet girl is a trooper– it took 3 sticks and one blown vein before the nurse got success1 2 3 4 in her foot), put an OG (larger size) tube down her throat, into her stomach, to suck out air, etc., and give her a suppository. She was not a happy camper, but dealt with it all pretty well considering how uncomfortable she must have been feeling. The big concern is that she could develop an infection, which can be very dangerous for babies, and especially for preemies.

Later in the evening, a repeat X-ray was done, which showed more air build-up. The doctor decided to do a blood and urine culture. Blood had to be drawn in 2 places, and unfortunately, her little veins weren’t cooperating and they ended up having to draw from a vein in her scalp 😦 The urine culture was also an ordeal, as a catheter has to be placed for this (which is not a comfortable feeling!).

Bryan and I finally left the hospital late last night, and called every few hours to check in. Luckily, labs so far show no signs of infection. We’re hoping that she just needs to pass a lot of gas, and that there are no serious blockages or issues which would require more intervention. This said, we would really appreciate extra thoughts and prayers for Emily to move past this hurdle quickly!


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