NICU Day 13: May 22nd, 2014

Miss Emily continues to make progress and grow! She’s now up to 2415 grams, which is 5 pounds, 5.2 ounces (up about 2 ounces from last night)! She’s breast or bottle feeding about 40% of her feedings, so making progress there as well. Once she gets closer to 100% of her feedings! we should be able to start looking at a date to go home with the doctors (or to at least schedule her car seat and room air challenge, and her hearing test).

We’re starting to feel like she may be able to come home soon-ish. We’ve been really hope she would make it home before June, and are still hoping she will. But anytime before her due date (June 19th) would be awesome!!

And the best part…pictures! She sure does love sneaking her arms out to sleep! 😉

10 11 12 13


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