NICU Day 12: May 21st, 2014

Emily had another great day! She was able to keep her temp up all night and day, so she’s still in her big girl crib πŸ™‚ She’s had issues with spitting up after she eats, likely due to reflux, so we changed a few things to help with that (when she’s tube fed, it’s over 60 minutes instead of 40, her bed is at a slight incline, etc.), and she had no spit ups since making those adjustments! She also continued to gain weight πŸ™‚

She nursed for 2 of her feedings today, and took a whole bottle with Dad! Also…she had her first bath since birth!Β It was a sponge bath, since her umbilical cord hasn’t fallen off yet. She absolutely loved it! Well, she loved it until we had to take off her leads and replace them with new ones anyway. She hates any stickers being taken off her πŸ˜‰

We are so incredibly proud of all the progress Emily is making! And very thankful for all the support we have from our family and friends.

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