NICU Day 11: May 20th, 2014

The NICU has 2 family rooms, where parents are allowed to stay for up to 2 nights in a week, so that they can be closer to their babies. Bryan and I stayed on Sunday and Monday night, and I got up for all her care times and feedings. We’re staying with my cousin right now, who lives close to the hospital, which is a godsend- the drive back and forth from home is long, and would mean much less time with Emily.

Anyway…big news today! Emily graduated on to a big girl bed (in the NICU at least)! She has been maintaining her temperature (knock on wood!), so was able to be moved out of the isolette and into a “bucket” crib. It’s a huge step, and one that needed to be completed before going home. She also breastfed all day, and we’re moving to a more “on-demand” schedule of breastfeeding, in the hopes that it will help her reflux and spit-up episodes she’s been having. So far, she’s doing great at letting me know when she needs to eat and when she’s done. Bryan also gave her her second bottle today, and she drank almost the whole thing! Very exciting 😉 We changed her to a different type of bottle that is supposed to help with colic and reflux, in the hopes that it will help her spitting up (and it seemed to).

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