NICU Day 7: May 16th, 2014

Emily gained weight!! She gained 90 grams as of this morning, and gained 8 grams after breastfeeding! Such an exciting thing to hear. Gaining weight is a huge part of Emily’s progress, and every teeny bit helps.

We got lots of smiles from our little girl today, which just completely melts our hearts. Also had our first big spit up…poor baby. And us (hard to see our little girl uncomfortable at all!).

Emily did need to have the temperature turned up in her bed and the lid
closed again; she just couldn’t quite keep her temp up otherwise 😦 But we’ll keep working on it, and hopefully she’ll start regulating her temperature better soon.

I also went to a Mom’s Group they have here specifically for NICU moms, which was nice to have as a resource. Hopefully we won’t still be here for the meeting next week, but if we are, it’s a great resource/outlet to have access to 😉

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