NICU Day 5: May 14th, 2014

Exciting day for Emily! Her IV got to come out (yay!!) and she is so happy to have both hands free to explore. She now keeps her hands in her face all the time, tries to hold her pacifier in her mouth, and tries to yank out her cannula 😉

We also got to put her in her first outfit! Since we weren’t expecting her to come so early, we hadn’t really planned for needing preemie clothes. A close friend of ours passed on some of her daughters clothes, including 2 preemie outfits. Thank goodness she did! The grandmas were more than happy to go do a little shopping trip for more preemie clothes for our little one, and now we have a good little selection (although we’re hoping she won’t need preemie size clothes for too long!).

She also did really well breastfeeding, which was very exciting! It was a bit too tiring for her, and she slept really deeply for the rest of the day and night.

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