NICU Day 2: May 11th, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day!!

As much as we were hoping Emily would cook a little longer before being born, having her here on Mother’s Day was a beautiful surprise 🙂

Bryan and I started learning about the routine in the NICU- there are “care” times where babies are fed, diapers changed, vitals checked, etc. throughout the day. Parents are encouraged to be there for these, and to do most of the steps of the routine for bonding. Bryan and I are there for all of them, except for 2 a day when we are sleeping.

Both of our moms had flown in as well at that point, so we were able to introduce them to their granddaughter 🙂

Emily was taken off the ventilator and out back on the CPAP today, which is a big step in the right direction! And the biggest news of the day was…we got to HOLD her!! Bryan and I both got the chance to hold her for a little bit (very carefully…there are tons of wires and cords, and they get tangled up very easily). But holding her was the absolute best Mother’s Day gift I could ever imagine!!!

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