Two days after being admitted to the hospital, little Miss Emily decided to make a surprise appearance!

On Friday evening (May 9th), the fetal monitor showed contractions, spaced 10 minutes apart (I couldn’t feel them). The next 1.5-2 hours were spent monitoring, talking to nurses, the resident doctor, the fellow doctor, and the attending doctor to decide on a plan. With Vasa Previa, going into labor (contractions or water breaking) could cause a placental abruption, and mom and baby would bleed out very quickly. At about 11:30pm, the doctor came in and asked us if we’d like to meet our daughter. From there, things went very quickly; medications were administered, I was prepped for surgery, Bryan was dressed in a bunny suit to be in the OR, Grandmas-to-be were called (and subsequent flights were booked), I was given a spinal, and Emily was born…all in just barely over an hour! Emily was born at 12:39am on Saturday, May 10th.

We feel very lucky that our doctors made the plan they did, and that I was admitted to such a good hospital early on. It is terrifying to think of what might have happened had I been at home that Friday night, not feeling contractions, until it was too late. We will be forever grateful to our sonographer, Tina, who decided to do a different type of ultrasound than what was ordered, just to be sure she had the best look possible. Without her instinct, we would never have known about the Vasa Previa, and things could have been really unfortunate for our family.

Emily is in the NICU, but I’ll be updating as we go…

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