Weeks 31-34

Update from the last few weeks:

After getting the news that I would be admitted to the hospital at 34 weeks, baby preparation had to be sped up! We worked hard to finish the nursery, a good friend who was hosting a baby shower for us moved up the date, Bryan worked on putting everything together, getting the carseat installed, etc. so we would be ready when our little girl came home. I also put together a bunch of stuff to work on in the hospital, as there would be 2-3 weeks of sitting around waiting for baby to arrive!

On May 7th, I reached 34 weeks. Bryan took the day off, we took some maternity style photos at home (we didn’t end up with enough time to have professional ones taken), went for a nice lunch out, then headed down to Denver. We got all set up in the room, blood was taken, IV was put in (was not expecting that! 2-3 weeks with an IV in sucks!), and the waiting game started 🙂


31 weeks

Week 31

32 weeks

photo 3-11

33 weeks

photo 5-1

34 weeks

photo 5-2

And all checked in to the hospital, being monitored 🙂

photo 2-4



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