Weeks 26-30

Newsworthy things over the last few weeks:

-We had our follow up ultrasound to check on the placenta issues. Turns out we have what is called “vasa previa.” There’s a vein that runs between the placenta and the lobe, and crosses in front of the cervix, making a vaginal delivery impossible. This was confirmed by a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor, who further explained the risks (if I go into labor, there would be a tremendous risk to both the baby and myself, so I will be delivering via C-section no later than 37 weeks, and will be admitted to the hospital by 34 weeks to be monitored daily, to be sure I’m not showing any signs of pre-term labor). This was disappointing, as we were planning on a more natural delivery, but in the end, all that matters is getting our little girl here safe and sound, and we’ll do whatever is needed to ensure this happens. We also had to change the hospital we’ll be delivering at to University of Colorado Hospital down in Denver, as we would need a different type of medical team available in case of emergency. A bit of a bummer, as it’s farther away from home and friends, and I’ll have weeks spent in the hospital, but, again, whatever it takes to get our little girl here safe and sound is what we’ll do!

26 weeks (and sick as a dog!)


27 weeks


28 weeks


29 weeks


30 weeks

Week 30