Weeks 16-20

Exciting things over the last few weeks:

-Nausea is starting to go away! Yay!

-Movements are getting stronger by the day 🙂

-Right around week 17, your movements became a lot stronger…more punches and kicks!

-Found out I am anemic and have a heart arrhythmia. Fun! Need to up my water…blaming it on the altitude here!

-Anatomy scan happened on January 31st. Confirmed that baby is a girl!! They also found an accessory lobe to my placenta, which can happen as a result of a twin pregnancy that changes to a single pregnancy. Essentially, my placenta has an extra piece that is attached by veins. My placenta is also low-lying, and will be checked again in 8 weeks to see if it’s moved.

16 weeks


17 weeks


18 weeks


19 weeks


20 weeks