McGinnis twins update

We went for our follow up ultrasound yesterday, the 11th, and saw our babies again πŸ™‚

Baby A’s heart rate was 164 beats per minute (great!) and Baby B’s heart rate was 154 beats per minutes (woo-hoo!). Both heart rates were just where they needed to be, and we were officially “graduated” from the Reproductive Endocrinologist to a regular OB!! Still doing progesterone injections daily (ouch!!!), and taking estradiol and progesterone pills to help support the pregnancy. I have to have blood draws each week to make sure my levels remain in the range they are supposed to stay in, but now that I know we’re pregnant (and with twins no less!), I am more than happy to be a pin cushion again. I just look at pictures of our little babies snuggling in, and that makes the shots not so bad πŸ˜‰


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