We went for our first ultrasound on October 28th, 2013, at 6.5 weeks pregnant. We were beyond thrilled to find out that both of our embryos had implanted, and we were expecting twins!!! Seeing both babies hearts beating was the most amazing thing ever, and is something I will never forget. Baby A had a heart rate of 120 and baby B had a heart rate of 94 beats per minute. Baby B’s heart rate was a little bit slower than what they wanted, but not by much (ideal is 100 and above), so they scheduled us to come back at 8 weeks, to check heart rates again. We are feeling so incredibly blessed to be expecting two little ones this summer!




Pregnant!When you’re trying to conceive (TTC), the two week wait (2ww) sucks. It’s that time in between ovulation and your period’s due date, when all you can do is wait to take a pregnancy test. When you’re undergoing fertility treatments, it can be even more frustrating. In general, you’re on multiple hormone supplementation medications, which essentially mimic the side effects of pregnancy (nausea, sore boobs, tiredness, etc.). So you do your best to ignore these symptoms, but it’s pretty damn hard to do that!

With this cycle, my 2ww was very different than in the past. First, I was on strict bed rest for the first few days, then modified bed rest for a few more days (thank goodness for amazing friends, S and V, for coming to help me out during this time!). I started to get sore boobs and feel super tired fairly quickly, but was also LOADED up on hormones (estrogen pills and patches, and progesterone pills and injections). These were the injections I had been dreading since starting the IVF process- daily intramuscular injections of an oil. The needle is huge, goes deep in your hip, and leaves a knarly lump of oil that you have to attempt to rub in to your muscle. Not fun, but totally worth it if it helps us bring a baby home!

My transfer was on a Monday, and the whole week was spent lying on the couch or in bed, eating warm foods/drinks, pineapple core, and brazil nuts (all supposed to help with implantation). That Saturday, I went to a football game with my in-laws. About 30 minutes into the game, someone near me got nachos. I got crazy nauseous, and went running from the stands J

The next day, nausea still all-consuming, I peed on a cheap internet pregnancy test, mid-afternoon. It was positive. Faint, but positive. I continued to pee on a variety of sticks (different brands, digitals, etc.) until my beta hcg blood test that Wednesday. It was positive, at 188 (at least 50 is a sign of a healthy pregnancy)! I went back on Friday for another draw to see if the numbers had doubled; they had, and were at 400! After 3 years, 2 ½ months, thousands of dollars, hundreds of injections, and dozens and dozens of trips to the doctor, we were…Officially pregnant!