Garden Goodies :)

bs greensBrussel Sprout Greens


gardenBell Peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Onions, Green and Yellow Beans (L-R)

garden 2Zucchini and Cucumbers (L-R)

ProduceLettuce, kale, and radishes from the garden 🙂

Well, the garden is in full force right now! I think I’ve spent $5 or $6 this whole summer on vegetables, which is pretty awesome considering how many veggies we eat on a daily basis! Just yesterday, I picked a couple handfuls of string beans, a handful of kale, 2 cucumbers, a zucchini, and about 10 tomatoes. I got lazy and didn’t cut any lettuce, but probably have about a weeks worth to cut today! I’m going to plant another round of radishes and kale so I’ll have a bit more produce from those as the temps drop in the next couple of months. Absolutely love having a garden…it’s so calming and peaceful being out there, watching everything grow. If you don’t garden, I strongly urge you to try it! There is nothing better than fresh produce from your own backyard (or planter, or front yard, or patio)!

Oh…and fyi…you can eat Brussel Sprout greens! I had no idea until recently. They are awesome sauteed, steamed, or baked to make chips. Full of good for you vitamins and nutrients, and generally discarded as unusable.


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