Jell-O Shots…reinvented

A good friend celebrated her big 3-0 a little while back, and her husband threw her an awesome surprise party to commemorate the event. Not long before that, I had stumbled upon an awesome pin on Pinterest for making Jell-O shots. In actual citrus rinds. See pic below:

Jello shotsSo cool, right?! And really not that hard.


Slice citrus fruits in half. I used oranges, lemons, and limes. With the limes, make sure you get decent sized ones, not the itty bitty ones you get sometimes at the market. Scoop out the insides of the citrus. I juiced all my citrus insides to use for other things (orange was fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast the next morning, lemon juice was used for fresh lemonade, and the lime juice made another batch of these- for the party). Set citrus halves in a muffin tin to keep them steady.

Prep Jell-O: There are a few different ways to make Jell-O shots. Now…I’m a bit of a lush, and so are my friends, so I do half the liquid as boiling water, and half the liquid as vodka. The amount of total liquid will depend on the size package of Jell-O you get, so just follow the directions on the box (substituting vodka for water of course!). Pour the Jell-O mix into the citrus halves, and refrigerate until firm. Make sure the Jell-O is very firm before slicing!! Once firm, slice citrus halves into fourths. Arrange on a platter, and get ready to get a little tipsy!!



Garden Goodies :)

bs greensBrussel Sprout Greens


gardenBell Peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Onions, Green and Yellow Beans (L-R)

garden 2Zucchini and Cucumbers (L-R)

ProduceLettuce, kale, and radishes from the garden 🙂

Well, the garden is in full force right now! I think I’ve spent $5 or $6 this whole summer on vegetables, which is pretty awesome considering how many veggies we eat on a daily basis! Just yesterday, I picked a couple handfuls of string beans, a handful of kale, 2 cucumbers, a zucchini, and about 10 tomatoes. I got lazy and didn’t cut any lettuce, but probably have about a weeks worth to cut today! I’m going to plant another round of radishes and kale so I’ll have a bit more produce from those as the temps drop in the next couple of months. Absolutely love having a garden…it’s so calming and peaceful being out there, watching everything grow. If you don’t garden, I strongly urge you to try it! There is nothing better than fresh produce from your own backyard (or planter, or front yard, or patio)!

Oh…and fyi…you can eat Brussel Sprout greens! I had no idea until recently. They are awesome sauteed, steamed, or baked to make chips. Full of good for you vitamins and nutrients, and generally discarded as unusable.

Third time’s the charm!

We are in the midst of round #3 of IVF. New clinic and doctor, new protocol, lots of different things this time around!

We did our egg retrieval this past Wednesday, and they were able to get 13 eggs. Next step was fertilization…in which 7 of them fertilized. One of the things we’re doing differently this time around is waiting to freeze the embryo’s until they are (hopefully) 6 days old, not the 3 days we did last time. This gives them a chance to mature a bit more, and get past the blastocyst stage…


(the above picture shows a pretty accurate visual for the process). By waiting, we’re hopefully giving our little embryo babies a better chance to stick and make me a very pregnant lady! We got a call yesterday with our day 3 embryo report, and had one 12-cell, four 8-cell, one 5-cell, and one 4-cell embryo. Now we just wait and hope we don’t get a call until Tuesday morning, which is day 6 (if we get a call sooner, it means our embryos aren’t doing so well, and they need to freeze earlier than day 6).

Another thing we’re doing differently is freezing all the embryos so that I can take medication for a few weeks-a couple months to calm down my endometriosis. Then we’ll thaw the embryos and transfer them back into me, and hopefully end up with a sticky, lasting pregnancy! There really is nothing more in the world hubby and I want in life than to be parents, and we’re really hoping the third time’s the charm!