Mrs. Green Thumb (I hope!)

So…one awesome thing about our house here in Colorado is that it came with about 30′ of garden beds in the backyard. I’ve had a garden for the past few years, but only last year did I really try to venture beyond tomatoes by planting lettuce, bell peppers, peas, and zucchini. Unfortunately, some critter decided to eat my bell pepper and pea plant shortly after I planted them. And once the temps hit 100, my lettuce died. Tomatoes did great, and we got a couple zucchini, but not too many.

When we moved here, I was determined to get a really great garden going. My biggest issue in the past has been not having enough time to keep up with the garden, as my work schedule was just so crazy! So I would occasionally forget to water, or snip off buds, and would end up with dead plants.

We now have sugar snap peas, onions, watermelon, kale (2 kinds), brussel sprouts, bell peppers (2 kinds), cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries, and tomatoes (5 kinds) planted, and I’m adding green beans, radishes, and lettuce tomorrow. We ate our first batch of kale last night, and frankly, it was the best kale I’ve ever had! I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow…and will keep updating with the goodies picked straight from the garden. Hopefully we’ll have lots!


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