Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I needed a dessert to make for my husband’s football team for Thanksgiving dinner next week. In the past, I’ve done all kinds of variations on pie (mini sweet potato, apple, pumpkin, etc.), and while they get eaten, the masses of 18-20 year old college guys want chocolate. So, after some time checking out recipes on Pinterest, I came across the blog

I couldn’t help but try the recipe…I’ve been on a salted caramel obsession the last month or so, and these treats were calling my name!! I trialed the recipe tonight to be sure they would turn out as tasty as they seemed, and they were a success.
Only tweaks I would make to the recipe/directions would be to: make sure you have plenty of cookie dough for the top…it doesn’t melt out and cover the whole top as well as I would have liked. Also, I used about a tablespoon, maybe a little more. Next batch, I’ll use a little less for the caramel middle. I like alot of salt, but how I made them would probably be a little much for some people.

But overall, a super easy recipe with an awesome end result!!


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